Saturday, September 16, 2017


I feel like a visitor to my own blog. LOL
Whew!! time goes so fast. I was so busy this summer with activities that I sadly have neglected my blog. I bet you thought that I dropped off the face of the earth!! lol practically but no.

My son got married in May. Since my daughter was here from Texas we had a BIG birthday celebration with a bunch of birthdays. I was planning this for quite awhile. It turned out to be an awesome time and we ate and then swam.
 We had a HUGE family water balloon fight and it was so much fun. Afterwards we had a water balloon toss with partners. The loosers got pied with a pan of whip cream...and pretty soon, there was whip cream being thrown on everyone!! it was quite amusing!!
My daughter Jessica flew home after the party and her 2 kids stayed here for another week with me. So it was busy doing things with them. I just wish that I had a 1/3 of their energy lol. They are 6 and 10 yrs old. I HAD to make the ultimate sacrifice and fly with them back to Texas and stayed another 5 days or so. It gives me time to spend with Jessica.

Soon enough 4th of July was here and end of July was the county fair which we all love to go to and eat the fair food. In August I flew to Colorado for a 50/70 Lia. My sister, her husband and their son in law were turning 70. Their daughter was turning 50 yrs and my sister and her husband had their 50th wedding anniversary.  There were 100 people there and it was fun also. I stayed in Denver to spend time with my sister. Ya know its nice to go away but always nice to come home too.

I kept busy working all summer and just stuff around the house keeps us all busy. I keep thinking that things will slow down but they never do!! lol So my goal is just to get back to everything again so I hope to keep up with this blog again!! Thanks for reading along. Im sure you all have been busy this summer also!!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Choosing a perfect tasting watermelon

When it comes to choosing a good watermelon or a cantaloupe...i never know exactly how to do it. When Yam was with me she knew just what to do ha!
Yam....come back.
I found this and it seems to be true. My chosen watermelon was uhhh....Perfect!!!
Thanks LBJ for the grenade water balloons. The kids will love them. I'll be sure to hit someone with it in your honor!! Lol

Friday, June 30, 2017

Getting more done for the party

Im getting projects done for the party.  Had 3 chairs like this and they were scrunzy. 
I cleaned them and painted them. It took 1 can for each and coated with a gloss spray. LOVE this new spray paint. Paint and Primer in 1 and it paints over anything.
 I love them for the front porch.
II had this old door and so I turned it into a game toss.The bottom part is chalkboard so they can keep score. Can't wait  for them to see it.

 Onto more projects. We had a bad storm Wed night and  got some water in the basement. What a mess. Luckily....the rugs are area rugs. We have a sump pump but it came faster than the pump could keep up with. The floors are dried up now so I want to clean them with a good cleaner so that's todays project....not a fun one but needed.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer Party

My daughter Jessica and kids are coming San Antonio, Texas on Sat. July 15th. She is flying home on wed and Tyler and Molly are staying another week and then I will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to take them home Ha! I think that this is Tyler's 4th summer coming and he loves it and playing with the cousins. We always celebrate his birthday while he is here cuz he's usually here on his birthday so this year will be the same. So I am planning this BIG birthday bash.
I had the great idea of a 17 ft inflatable water slide in to a pool. Well....its about $300.00 so the hubby dashed that idea. Such a kill joy!! lol
 Ok...Plan B. I thought how much fun is a ole fashioned family water fight?? Sounds perfect to me. While searching for ideas...I came across this free site called Fotojet. It makes all kinds of stuff like Pizap and so I  gave it a try and here is my invitation. What do you think?
I am planning on a Scavenger hunt but not feel comfortable about going  door to door. So I continued in my search and found a Walmart scavenger hunt where they have to find things, take pics and do ridiculous things. My son-in-laws will think I've flipped my lid, LOL
Ive got games in the works and will post pics after I get them finished. This one looks fun with a pool in the middle lol
 These guys are ADORABLE!!! Of course there will only be fun food!!!
 This is gonna be my cake. Instead  of pink it will be tealish blue color for Tyler and lots of old fashioned candy, etc.
  I'm hoping that the kids and adults will have fun if least I will have had fun planning it. I hope that I haven't bitten off more than I can chew!!! HA!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New but not new chairs

Ive recently got my porch stuff situated. I have these old white plastic chairs that get all yucked up and I'm too cheap to by new ones when they are still good.
Well at work last week we got a new  product in.
It looked pretty good....its paint and primer together and it sprays plastic and metal so I decided why not give it a try. The clear coat does a great job protecting it. First, I cleaned then all up and dried off etc. LOVED it!!! It looks awesome.
Its a poppy color and it matches my sign on the porch. I love Tye dye. Probably from my hippie days in the 80's. Ha!
I have 2 more chairs to do....haven't decided what colors yet though. A turquoise for sure...then I"m making cushions for the porch swing out of the Tye Dye fabric. Seems like I never run out of projects to do in between working. It is great to hang out on the porch though with a nice glass of sweet tea.
So if you have anything to revamp....give this a try. You'll love it also....guaranteed!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Things are growing

The tomatoes are slow but sure. It was getting full towards the bottom so purged them. Hopefully it wasn't too soon.
 The green beans and potatoe bin.
The flowers are growing also. They are looking good.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Rainy day project

Its raining today so I figured this was a good time to work on a project

I'm a bit quirky and like out of the ordinary things. I saw these footed pots one day and there was only 2 left. So....I knew that it was coming home with me. I'm not big on yellow so i knew I'd have to jazz it up abit.
Since purple is my favorite color i knew the sandals would be purple and it matches the flowers. Of course we need pink polish to go accordingly lol TaDa....
And there has to be bling also!!! I'm also in the process of making a cool blinged up ankle bracelet but I was anxious to get it posted. 
 Im pretty happy with my new footed pot.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Reality check

Sunday My husband and I had a real reality check. My Mother-in-law lives in a retirement home in her own apartment but she goes to the dining room for her lunch and evening meals. My husband picked me up from work and we went straight to go and visit her. Normally when we go, we never really see anyone cuz they are all in their apartments, we just walk down to her door.

When we got there it was about 4:30 and I said do you think she will be at dinner? We walked around the corner and there are all these people waiting in the lobby with walkers, canes and some going really slow. Some were sitting there all hunched over. She was also sitting right there. They were waiting for the bell to ring to go into the dining room. Don and I just looked at each other and we had the same thoughts at the same time. She ended up taking her food back to her room so that we could visit.
After we left, we both said... Is this our future? It was kinda discouraging. We saw a lady waiting that we used to know years ago and she was always going places and she can hardly move now. She didn't recognize us at all. We were both just dazed!!!
So we decided that we have to keep moving and keep active as we are getting closer to the older years. If you don't use it you loose it right? We don't want to just sit our life away...we dont want that for our life...we really don't. I know there may come a day where I will need a walker and even then I want to keep moving with my walker.
Old age is scary when I think about it sometimes!! I think its the uncertainty of whats going to happen. If only we knew then we could plan much better HA!
We both decided that we really need to get back to loosing weight. We are both up some lbs and so we're on it again!! When Don retires, I told him that I want us to take dance lessons and we can have fun doing that together and it will keep us moving. We both have 2 left feet so that should be very interesting, lol. Think Ive been watching too much of dancing with the stars lol
I'm back at the pool and hope to be able to swim in my older years.
I just want to be like this lady and just be ME and life the rest of my life with vitality and fun and enjoy the little things and family and my hobbies until the good Lord calls me home!!
I just love this picture. Hes still fishing with his walker!! Too cute!!
So my exercise program started on Monday so i am in day 3 and so far so good. I'm sore but that's good!!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

My garden is slowly coming along

This is my 2nd year planting. I wish I had more room but I have limited space. The green beans are starting to come up and the onions. It is fun to plane and keep an eye on the plants...I just want green beans and I want then now!! LOL
Tomato plants....slowly coming
No tomatoes yet but....little yellow buds...hopefully soon.
The potatoes are really slow. They have hardly broken through the ground. I guess because its been so cool here idk. Just getting anxious for the rewards of the plants.!!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

Today being Memorial Day....we both had the day that meant yard work. The grass had grown into the flower bed so it needed to be dug out again. It was really a pain and time consuming.

I swept and  got all the leaves out of the garage. Oreo enjoyed watching.
My husband edged and we live on a corner so there's alot of sidewalk. But it looked great afterwards.
It was a busy day and I'd love to say that I enjoyed it but sadly I didn't. I'm not a big gardener although I love the pretty flowers. I need my own personal gardener lol
My dad knew about flowers but never taught me and i didn't catch that gene. I hope to buy flowers this week. We had such a nice day today and cooked out also.
For every nice day.....then we have 3-5 rotten days. So of course...its going to cool off again. Arrgggg
..this has been such a weird spring. Cant wait for nice weather every day.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Graduation

Our youngest granddaughter Bailey graduated from preschool Tues. night.
After they each sung duets....then they got their caps.
Receiving her was cute.
And....she's officially graduated lol'll be fun to see what lies ahead for her and also our other 8 grandkids.
They announced that Bailey's class will be the class of 2030!!! daughter and i just looked at each other ha!

When I graduated from HS and begun working and you get your first SS statement. It said that I would  retire in 2020.  It laughed because it seemed like forever and here it is 2017. Yikes....where does time go?
I hope to be here to see her graduate in 2030