Saturday, December 2, 2017

Thanksgiving in San Antonio

My husband, granddaughter and I flew to San Antonio to see my daughter's family. It was so nice to leave the 30's here for the 70's there. It was great. We kept really busy. First stop; Seaworld!!

Shamu is Awesome!! The trainers don't get in the water anymore so they direct them from stands etc.
Its always a fun show to see.
 Lots of shopping and other shows to see and pictures along the way.
My granddaughters Kyla (12) and Molly (6) Molly lives in San Antonio

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The cleaning continues...

Well... I'm on a roll lol
This is my craft spot in the basement.
I have a corner spot and a corner closet for my bins.
I have my bins labeled and stacked.
We also have a living place with a tv and shelving on the wall.  The space works and now it's all clean.
Another day off tomorrow so will work on more projects.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

I'm so unorganized

I try to keep organized and I get it there but in 2 seconds it's back to a total mess and I'm thinking How did it get like this??
I'm taking control again. My closet is a small walkin. You know how closets seen to collect stuff?
I have the situation where my husband works nights and sleeps days and my jewerly was in our room and I couldn't get to it. I had furniture in other places of the house so I  configured a drawer/shelf for my closet and am getting organized once again
The box above the drawers holds my favorite necklaces.  I still have plenty more in my room.... I love jewerly.
The box on the top shelf is a pink light up box that says Hello.
 Boxes for stuff not to be seen ha!
 This is my girl bracelet holder. It's made from a vase.
I put my purse in a bin and I love purses!!
Then feeling great about my accomplishment lol...
I moved to my entryway. Now I have 9 grandkids and toys like legos, matchbox cars, playdough, car tracks, hoola hoops etc. Sadly.. I didn't get a before but trust me you  wouldn't have wanted to see it lol.

There was already a shelf for games etc. I had this dresser in the garage so I moved it to the entryway and am storing the toys in the drawers and the rest got donated. The kids are growing up and not playing with most of it anymore. ( its a dark picture )
 The rest of little toys I put in this tall storage bin. Works perfect.
Now on to my next project.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


I've been seeing these all around town.
What would we do without electronic
It's funny because as we look back at the old days about the things we had and didn't have as compared to today that someday our kids and grandkids will look back at the old days about what they had and what they have for the future time.

Its hard to even imagine what the future technology holds in the next 10-20 yrs.
I'm happier that I had the simpler time and the things that we used to have in the good old days. And I'm so happy to have what we have today.

My question is did we ever live without our technology? HA

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Fall leaves me Happy

When I was visiting my sister we wanted to do some crafting together since we both love to craft.
So we made a fall garland. We made 3 of for my sister, my niece and myself.
We took packages of colored leaves from Michael's. We cut smaller leaves from magazines with words and  different colors of felt and glued them to the leaves.
Then we attached with clothespins and decorated with colored buttons etc. and added extra leaves to the jute rope.
Its simple but cute and I like it.
It was so easy and love the time we had making the garland.
I love Fall time..cooler weather, sweatshirts, craft shows, fall colors, apple orchards!! 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

YAY...I am actually doing it and its working!!

This isn't me but I feel like she feels! I am sooo excited!!
When I was in Colo. seeing my sister, we both decided to work out a plan to change our lifestyles to both loose weight. We got little weight booklets from Michael's and we both made our own rules of what we wanted to do and goals etc. We also measured each other and weighed on the scaled. We are keeping each other accountable.

Here is my list of what I want to do:
1. 6-8 glasses of water a day
2. No tea because I like really sweet, sweet tea. ha!
3. No pop
4. No cookies or candy
5. 1 bread exchange a day which is 2 slices for 1 exchange.
    (I haven't had any bread because I think I may be allergic to bread)
6. 5 chips a day or when you have them
7. No fries or fast food. If needed then it must be as healthy as possible.
8. 2 processed foods a week. You can eat processed food if they have under 5 ingredients in them
9. 2 lunch meats a week, I eat Turkey only
10. 1 C pasta, rice etc.
11. Eat proteins at every meal of you can.
12. No potatoes
13. 1 cup of milk a day
14. 1 slice of cheese for a week
15. 1 C of cereal
16. Portions must fit in your hand.

Ive been able to stick with this and the first week was a killer!! lol
I started Tuesday, Sept 5th.
I weigh in and measure every Tuesday.
Week 1 lost 4 lbs
Week 2 lost 3 lbs
Week 3 (Today) lost 5 lbs......Total of 12 lbs for 3 weeks!!

I swim 4 days a week. I joined a swim class that gives a hard workout
I walk Oreo
Do the workout in my Kim Lyons workout book
Jumping jacks
Not taking the close parking spot at the store
***This may sound crazy but after the bathroom I do 10 of something like touch toes, twist side to side, arm movents, bunny hops etc. whatever I feel like doing. For as much water as I am drinking I am going to the bathroom alot LOL
Ive been loosing a little here and there for 3 weeks. As of now, total inches are:
Chest ...4 1/4
Under chest...3 1/2
Waist... 2
Stomach... 3 1/2
Hip... 2 1/2
Bottom... 3 1/2
Thigh... 1 1/2
Calf ...1 1/2

This is 5 lbs. And I've lost more than double that!!! AWESOME!!
I'm just so happy that I am doing it!! Cant wait to reach my goal

Saturday, September 16, 2017


I feel like a visitor to my own blog. LOL
Whew!! time goes so fast. I was so busy this summer with activities that I sadly have neglected my blog. I bet you thought that I dropped off the face of the earth!! lol practically but no.

My son got married in May. Since my daughter was here from Texas we had a BIG birthday celebration with a bunch of birthdays. I was planning this for quite awhile. It turned out to be an awesome time and we ate and then swam.
 We had a HUGE family water balloon fight and it was so much fun. Afterwards we had a water balloon toss with partners. The loosers got pied with a pan of whip cream...and pretty soon, there was whip cream being thrown on everyone!! it was quite amusing!!
My daughter Jessica flew home after the party and her 2 kids stayed here for another week with me. So it was busy doing things with them. I just wish that I had a 1/3 of their energy lol. They are 6 and 10 yrs old. I HAD to make the ultimate sacrifice and fly with them back to Texas and stayed another 5 days or so. It gives me time to spend with Jessica.

Soon enough 4th of July was here and end of July was the county fair which we all love to go to and eat the fair food. In August I flew to Colorado for a 50/70 Lia. My sister, her husband and their son in law were turning 70. Their daughter was turning 50 yrs and my sister and her husband had their 50th wedding anniversary.  There were 100 people there and it was fun also. I stayed in Denver to spend time with my sister. Ya know its nice to go away but always nice to come home too.

I kept busy working all summer and just stuff around the house keeps us all busy. I keep thinking that things will slow down but they never do!! lol So my goal is just to get back to everything again so I hope to keep up with this blog again!! Thanks for reading along. Im sure you all have been busy this summer also!!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Choosing a perfect tasting watermelon

When it comes to choosing a good watermelon or a cantaloupe...i never know exactly how to do it. When Yam was with me she knew just what to do ha!
Yam....come back.
I found this and it seems to be true. My chosen watermelon was uhhh....Perfect!!!
Thanks LBJ for the grenade water balloons. The kids will love them. I'll be sure to hit someone with it in your honor!! Lol

Friday, June 30, 2017

Getting more done for the party

Im getting projects done for the party.  Had 3 chairs like this and they were scrunzy. 
I cleaned them and painted them. It took 1 can for each and coated with a gloss spray. LOVE this new spray paint. Paint and Primer in 1 and it paints over anything.
 I love them for the front porch.
II had this old door and so I turned it into a game toss.The bottom part is chalkboard so they can keep score. Can't wait  for them to see it.

 Onto more projects. We had a bad storm Wed night and  got some water in the basement. What a mess. Luckily....the rugs are area rugs. We have a sump pump but it came faster than the pump could keep up with. The floors are dried up now so I want to clean them with a good cleaner so that's todays project....not a fun one but needed.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Things are growing

The tomatoes are slow but sure. It was getting full towards the bottom so purged them. Hopefully it wasn't too soon.
 The green beans and potatoe bin.
The flowers are growing also. They are looking good.