Saturday, December 2, 2017

Thanksgiving in San Antonio

My husband, granddaughter and I flew to San Antonio to see my daughter's family. It was so nice to leave the 30's here for the 70's there. It was great. We kept really busy. First stop; Seaworld!!

Shamu is Awesome!! The trainers don't get in the water anymore so they direct them from stands etc.
Its always a fun show to see.
 Lots of shopping and other shows to see and pictures along the way.
My granddaughters Kyla (12) and Molly (6) Molly lives in San Antonio


  1. What a lovely vacation - time with the family is always special.

  2. Hari OM
    Great to be with family - and be warm! YAM xx

  3. What fun to see Shamu's show! Enjoy your visit!

  4. We can't believe you didn't get in there and swim with the whales!


  5. Wow what amazing animals you got to see!!
    Happy Christmas! Your new friend Morrie :)