Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

Today being Memorial Day....we both had the day that meant yard work. The grass had grown into the flower bed so it needed to be dug out again. It was really a pain and time consuming.

I swept and  got all the leaves out of the garage. Oreo enjoyed watching.
My husband edged and we live on a corner so there's alot of sidewalk. But it looked great afterwards.
It was a busy day and I'd love to say that I enjoyed it but sadly I didn't. I'm not a big gardener although I love the pretty flowers. I need my own personal gardener lol
My dad knew about flowers but never taught me and i didn't catch that gene. I hope to buy flowers this week. We had such a nice day today and cooked out also.
For every nice day.....then we have 3-5 rotten days. So of course...its going to cool off again. Arrgggg
..this has been such a weird spring. Cant wait for nice weather every day.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Graduation

Our youngest granddaughter Bailey graduated from preschool Tues. night.
After they each sung duets....then they got their caps.
Receiving her was cute.
And....she's officially graduated lol'll be fun to see what lies ahead for her and also our other 8 grandkids.
They announced that Bailey's class will be the class of 2030!!! daughter and i just looked at each other ha!

When I graduated from HS and begun working and you get your first SS statement. It said that I would  retire in 2020.  It laughed because it seemed like forever and here it is 2017. Yikes....where does time go?
I hope to be here to see her graduate in 2030

Monday, May 22, 2017

My vegetables are planted

I don't have alot of room for a garden so I utilize beds around the house. I planted the tomato plants. 2 regular and 1 cherry tomato plant.
Green beans and onions
Potato in my bin. They worked last year perfectly
Last year I planted broccoli in a pot and it grew great so we will give it another try.
My friend at work said you can grow zuchinni in a pot. That sometimes they are bushy and climby. So I planted this by the fence for vines etc. I'm a new gardener so will try. If anyone has tips or advice please share.
I saw this on pinterest and thought this would be cool to watch the vegetables grow.
And.....i love to recycle items. I had one of those Styrofoam bins that we get a ham in from my husbands work. I cut one side out, slid in glass, painted it and filled with dirt and planted carrots and little onions. It should be fun to watch them grow.
Now....just have to wait for it all to grow. I just love fresh tomatoes and green beans every few days.
And.....I trimmed up the grass with the scissors ha!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

My Trash to treasure piece

This year my sister and I are doing something fun. We each take every other month and each week, we give each about 3 things to do each week. It could be making a new recipe, cleaning areas around the house like sock drawers etc or taking time to read etc. We each do the same thing together.
So one project this month is take something from a thrift store and turn it into a decoration.
I found this clay pot bottom and brought it home. I wasn't sure what to do with it but since I work at Michael's I knew that I had little junk items at home. Michael's has all this fairy garden stuff and I have never really got into it before.
I had the gate and birdbath at home and bought the little animals.
I had concrete mix so I made a little river for this guys boat.
I got the bright idea to see if I planted grass seed in the dirt areas...if it would grow. can see that there is no grass growing.
 I figured that I would have to replace the dirt with some fake grass. I looked tonight and there it is.
Real Grass!!! Oh my gosh.....I just started laughing...its so funny....I will have to mow the grass, lol

 I am going to add more grass seed now that I know that it really will grow. I'm just so excited!!
So....thats my trash to treasure piece!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

It was a Beautiful Wedding

My son Tom got married last Saturday. Tom is getting good advice from Dad.
1. Just say.. yes dear
2. Don't say Never or always
3. Now Tom..whats hers is hers and whats yours is hers also!!
Both Dads hanging out before it starts!!
The guys all had matching socks. They got them at the rehearsal dinner and they did look pretty snazzy. I took this picture to show Brittney to see if she could pick out Toms leg and she did!!
Bouquets made out of Wood. Yep..and they were so pretty that you thought that they were real flowers and this way they never die. Hey! I need these in my garden cuz I have a black thumb lol
The flower girl which were my youngest grand daughters. Her nephew Ethan was the ring boy and he's not too sure of girls lol Probably smart to keep an eye on these 2 girls!!
My grand son Zac pulled him down in the wagon.
Brittney and her dad
Tom and Brittney's picture got photo bombed by the pig. The farm has 3 or 4 pigs which roam the farm freely. Tom was so afraid that he would mess up his lines and he wanted something to lightened things up and the pig did the trick. He came so close to the girls...everyone started laughing.
Actually the pig got closer to them and got turned around with his butt facing them and Don says: I sure hope that he doesn't take a dump right now cuz would not be any good lol but he didnt, he just grazed!!
See that little tree? Instead of sand pouring or a unity candle they had a tree. As a symbol of growing their love together one poured dirt into the pot and one watered the tree. They will take it home, plant it and it will always be a reminder of their love growing. They also had packets of flower seeds on the tables for each guests to take home.
As soon as they pronounced them the wedding party put on glasses and the pastor took a selfie of everyone there. It was cute and we all had no idea that they were going to do this.
Reception time:

For dinner we had all you could eat Pizza and salad. The pizza was cooked in brick ovens right on site and it was so good. Tom thinks you can never get tired of pizza!! Then dancing.
I have 2 left feet but we managed without falling or tripping and no sprains. We did a couple twirls and the last one I went the wrong way lol It was too funny. We had fun just laughing and talking during the dance.
The weather was perfect and the wedding was perfect along with many friends and family. So all in all it was wonderful and they are off on a new chapter of their lives. and NO more weddings for us! Whew!!