Friday, March 16, 2018

Bowling night

The other night we went bowling and out to eat with 2 of our kids families. Now, I'm not a good bowler but I was a good night. I was picking up my spares amazingly enough. Ha.
I was way ahead of my 2 son-in-law's and they didn't like more than the other.

Jason was trying hard and he caught up to me. Course I was talking smack!!! Lol
Ok.... Jason and I were tied and I had one last ball to bowl. All I needed was 1 pin which would be no problem as I was doing pretty good.
I was getting ready and everyone is ok mom.... Just 1 pin!!! Ben.. my other son-in-law said... Don't get a gutter.

Deep breathe, eye on the correct arrow, I go and threw my ball....and it was a Gutter!!!!!!
I died!!!
Hence we tied. He was happy and I had no bragging rights!!! Lol

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The aftermath of the car

OK. Car was towed and the tie rods were broken. We thought ok. not too bad. The guy replaced them and drove it and they were loose again. So on further examination....the whole steering rack had to be replace with little odds and ends..naturally lol.  A new alignment, oil change and we are out the door at 1,895.00!!!
It was  a hard pill to swallow and I had a car moment but what ya gonna do?
It is what it is and it works again!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tow truck ride home started snowing and I had to work which is no big deal.
When I got off the roads were a little icy but mostly slushy. It's about a 15-20 min drive from Rockford to Belvidere. I had to drive slower due to the roads. I got into town and stopped at the 1st stoplight. It turned green but the car wouldn't go. It just squealed. I couldn't move forward or backwards. I thought oh it must be a flat tire. I looked and no it wasn't but the tire was all tilted in and wouldn't turn with the Steering wheel.

I call Don and he's like that isn't good. Oh great. Right away you it not fixable or at what cost!!
I called AAA...we just got it about a month ago. In about 35 min they had a guy out to tow the car in.
Never rode in a tow truck before lol
It's the tie rod that night hooks the tires together. The tow guy said it probably broke earlier and because I was driving... The bad tire just rolled with the car until I stopped then it went haywire. He said I was fortunate that it didn't send me into the ditch. I was driving slower than normal which may have played a part into it.

Just another case that God was taking care of me. My guardian angel has a full time job with me lol

Not sure how much it cost cuz we don't really have a choice. Sometimes those things aren't best to know ahead of time lol

My 7th grade granddaughter is on a quiz bowl team and her very 1st quiz bowl is today at 4. I told him that I need the car by 2pm. No pressure right? We'll see if he can pull it off.

The only problem is that he needs to have a tow to get it in the garage. *Sigh*. We'll see.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Trash to Treasure

You know they say....Someone else's trash is your treasure!! Ha!
Well....I like to make treasure out of stuff or old junk. I hate to throw things away anyways cuz I know that as soon as I do, then I'm going to need it, right? Plus I feel like I am doing my share to keep the landfills clean.
It drives me crazy to drive by a house and see all this "GOOD" stuff out for the trash. If I'm by myself and nobody's looking then I will swing by and grab something cool lol
My son and I once saw a park bench sitting out. We went and snagged it and I taught him how to refinish it and he painted the metal arms and legs and someone bought it from him for 15.00!! He was only about 10 yrs old so to him that was a million $$.

I thought that I would show you some of my recycled things that I made for myself and use them in my house. First, my bracelet holder. I LOVE, LOVE jewelry, rings, bracelets, necklaces...a girl cant have enough jewelry!! I have a zillion of these vases so I invented this girl. She was one of my first projects many years ago.

For some of my necklaces, I used a picture frame, added wood and screwed in cup hooks to hang ny necklaces for my room. 
Another fun project is a coke hat!! I made a Pepsi one which is what I drink but I gave it away and haven't made me a new one yet!!
Oh these are really cool. Birthday Cake Postcards. It is made with 2 thick sponges. I used the spackle that you fill cracks with, colored it and put it on the sponges for frosting and painted the sponge a cake color. The back side has a cardstock paper on it sealed to it with the spackle. And this piece of cake is completely mailable. You write it just like you do a postcard. You just cant get to wordy!! lol
This was my experimental one and I got messy with the spackle so I keep it for my example. People love getting cake in the mail!!!
Simple...painted plate with our wedding picture. You know we all had those hard days when there isn't much money way back when! He was laid off 7 times in one year so no, no money for a frame, so Whola!!! And we still have it today to remind us of those days!!
This I made for my Grand daughter, she loves Zebra print. I had some old computer screens and hated to throw them away. Since I work at Micheals, they had these magnetic sheets of paper which was perfect. Glued them on and instant a Magnet station and it looked good on her desk.
This is my latest project. I did it over the summer. I had those big block knife holders and a ton of cookbooks which my husband says I never use lol. Anyways I saw this on Pinterest and it was Perfect. Uses my books and holds my knives!! They are so easy to pull in and out and I have my kitchen scissors there which I use ALL the time!!
Scissors are great for cutting pizza too!!!

So....hopefully you will look around and see what you can do with your stuff. If you have any "GOOD" stuff let me know LOL

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Let It Snow

After I put out my snowman, we started getting snow.
And we kept getting more snow
And snowed... And now...
Total inches. Guess who got to deal with all this snow while hubby is laid up? Lol
Now...I kinda regret making this sign lol

Thursday, February 8, 2018

My latest projects

One thing about my husband being off work is that I get some projects done while I'm hanging around with him. This is my latest pallet project. I set him outside of our garage. We're expecting a ton of snow so we'll see how much of him we can see when it's all over. Ha!
Outside our back door, I always hang a wreath of some sort for the season or holiday etc.  This is my Valentine creation. I like things that are just a little bit different.
I love decorating for Valentine's day and all the pink, red and white.

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Globetrotters

We received tickets to see the Globe trotters for Christmas. They came to the arena here in Rockford so we headed downtown. We used to take our kids when they were little so now they are repaying and taking us and they even bought us our own snacks!!! JACKPOT!!! lol
Our group:
And some pics of the Globetrotters. They are fun to watch and we enjoyed the afternoon!!

I always LOVE the blow up guys for some reason...I have no idea why but they make me laugh especially when they get to flapping and blowing!! Weird right??