Monday, July 2, 2018

The dining room table

My dining room table was looking pretty bad. I didn't get a before picture. The grandkids do painting and crafting projects on it so you can just imagine.  There was paint and scratches etc on it.
Last week I stripped it, sanded and refinished it and put clear coat  on it
It turned out really good and there won't be anymore painting on it or with a covering. I really like the way it came out.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

This summer has been hard

This has been a hard summer so far. I went upstairs to the attic one night and heard noises in the attic ceiling. Oreo was going crazy sniffing and the noise kept moving when Oreo moved. Of course I panicked and called my husband Don. The next day we had an exterminator come out, thinking that it was a squirrel or mouse. was a raccoon in the attic ceiling!!! We've been here for 21 yrs and never had anything like this happen. Now, Don and I knew nothing about raccoons....not anymore lol
Upon further examination we found that it entered through the attic fan. It ripped off the cover and bent the blades up and went right in!!
We contacted a raccoon guy to come and trap him. He set this trap over the attic fan. I side for going in and for coming out. It took 5 days to catch him. 
Before we caught him, we weren't sure if it was a girl or boy. If a girl then she probably has babies. Now boys hang in packs of 2-3 or so. They are bachelors so sometimes they each have their own place to stay and sometimes they all sleep over together!! Sounds fun huh?? Yah!! lol
Well......Its a boy!!!
I've never seen a raccoon up close. He has these long strong hands. He was just like teenager not full grown. He was pretty smelly.

We kept the traps up another 5 days and didn't catch any others. We did have to buy some heavy duty cage things to keep over the attic fan until cleanup so that no other raccoons would get in.  We also got 4 cage covers to cover the air vents that are in the roof. Since the raccoon ripped off the cover we had to get a roofer to come and tarp the metal cage so that we don't get water in the attic.

We then contacted someone to come and clean everything out. On a scale of 1-10 it was a 8. They said just touching a dropping could give you disease  that wouldn't end well for you. We knew that he was on the flat part of the ceiling
and down this big slanted wall.
They were all suited up in white outfits, covering boots, heads, hands and had breathing masks on. I wouldn't so that job for anything!!!

The had to clean up the droppings, major deodorize, put in a new attic fan with a cover, replace all the insulation  in the attic, put up new drywall, tape and mud and texture the whole attic. What a mess. We contacted insurance and it wont cover any of it so we are in it on our own!!!
I am like...WHY am I paying you money for nothing???? Ha!

We have these more slants on the other side of the room. We didn't know if he had been there or not so we had to open up this slant and lucky enough he wasn't able to get in there so we dodged a bullet there and they sealed it back up again.
The attic is all textured now so tomorrow the carpet cleaner is coming to work on the carpet. We wanted to get new but its about 2,300.00 and so we are at plan B.
Sunday we are having a family painting and move everything back up there again party. The kids want to help so am I gonna say No? nope!! lol

So I will have new pics to show you next week. All the stuff we bought down is in a spare bedroom and I didn't realize how much junk that I had collected!! So this is a good time to donate and get rid of and simplify.
Only the NEEDED stuff is going back up.
This whole process has been long, frustrating at times and very costly. We will just be glad when its all over and put back together. My daughter is coming from Texas next Saturday...No pressure....No pressure lol

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Quick trip to Texas

We took a quick trip to Texas for my granddaughters 7th bday party. We took 3 of our grandkids with us.
Molly's party was a Spa party. We played Spin the Bottle and painted their nails.
They gave themselves facials which was so funny to watch.
While faces were drying we painted pretty toes.
They each got a pair of pink sandals and tied ribbons on them. They turned out really cute.
We also did smores, went shopping,  and we went out to eat while there.
The cousins love to play together.

Sunday we went to Sons Island. They have these cabanas to rent. There's everything there you need for spending the day.
The kids had a blast playing in the river.
There was kayaking...
And fishing.....
Monday we went to the Tower of the Americas. Its a tall tower and you ride to the top in a glass elevator.
The views are amazing around San Antonio.
Since we were flying home soon... we took them to the park to work off all of their energy. If only I just had 1/2 of their energy lol
It was a warm 81 and we all hated to go home to our wonderful 28 and snow. We came home under protest!!! Ha! It is nice to be back home again and now we get back to normal.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

See what you can do with paper sacks

 I've been getting rid of junk. Now I'm working on my workshop. I'm having fun planning it out. I need this shelf for my workshop but not in pink.
 I saw where you can make it look like leather using paper sacks. You tear it in pieces and crinkle it and glue it down. After the glue is dry then I put some stain on it. It came out ok and it was fun. I'll be using it in my workshop.
 Monday I planted my tomato and green bean seeds. I figure by the time they grow then I can plant them outside.
And..... I saw something funny the other day on  my way to work. I guess this is one way to move mattresses. Lol
 There was a guy on the other side too.
I thought it was funny although they were going super slow and holding up traffic. Ha!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Getting things in order

Since Jan 1st I have been tackeling small projects around the house to clean and simplify. It's just so amazing how fast things get out of order and how much junk we accumlate. Now I'm on to bigger issues.
Like my storage room where I keep seasonal boxes, extra food etc. and it always gets out of control. I get busy and throw it in there and before long..This!! LOL
It took me about a week but it's good now.  I have several donate boxes and had several trash bags. I'd rather donate than throw away. I just feel like I'm doing my part to save the environment.

Next was the grand kids closet. Things get played with and tossed. Most of it they really don't play with except to leave a mess so......
It feels so good to have things in order!!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Bowling night

The other night we went bowling and out to eat with 2 of our kids families. Now, I'm not a good bowler but I was a good night. I was picking up my spares amazingly enough. Ha.
I was way ahead of my 2 son-in-law's and they didn't like more than the other.

Jason was trying hard and he caught up to me. Course I was talking smack!!! Lol
Ok.... Jason and I were tied and I had one last ball to bowl. All I needed was 1 pin which would be no problem as I was doing pretty good.
I was getting ready and everyone is ok mom.... Just 1 pin!!! Ben.. my other son-in-law said... Don't get a gutter.

Deep breathe, eye on the correct arrow, I go and threw my ball....and it was a Gutter!!!!!!
I died!!!
Hence we tied. He was happy and I had no bragging rights!!! Lol

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The aftermath of the car

OK. Car was towed and the tie rods were broken. We thought ok. not too bad. The guy replaced them and drove it and they were loose again. So on further examination....the whole steering rack had to be replace with little odds and ends..naturally lol.  A new alignment, oil change and we are out the door at 1,895.00!!!
It was  a hard pill to swallow and I had a car moment but what ya gonna do?
It is what it is and it works again!!!