Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer Party

My daughter Jessica and kids are coming San Antonio, Texas on Sat. July 15th. She is flying home on wed and Tyler and Molly are staying another week and then I will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to take them home Ha! I think that this is Tyler's 4th summer coming and he loves it and playing with the cousins. We always celebrate his birthday while he is here cuz he's usually here on his birthday so this year will be the same. So I am planning this BIG birthday bash.
I had the great idea of a 17 ft inflatable water slide in to a pool. Well....its about $300.00 so the hubby dashed that idea. Such a kill joy!! lol
 Ok...Plan B. I thought how much fun is a ole fashioned family water fight?? Sounds perfect to me. While searching for ideas...I came across this free site called Fotojet. It makes all kinds of stuff like Pizap and so I  gave it a try and here is my invitation. What do you think?
I am planning on a Scavenger hunt but not feel comfortable about going  door to door. So I continued in my search and found a Walmart scavenger hunt where they have to find things, take pics and do ridiculous things. My son-in-laws will think I've flipped my lid, LOL
Ive got games in the works and will post pics after I get them finished. This one looks fun with a pool in the middle lol
 These guys are ADORABLE!!! Of course there will only be fun food!!!
 This is gonna be my cake. Instead  of pink it will be tealish blue color for Tyler and lots of old fashioned candy, etc.
  I'm hoping that the kids and adults will have fun if not...at least I will have had fun planning it. I hope that I haven't bitten off more than I can chew!!! HA!


  1. Hari OM
    Crikey - that's a lot of planning!!! I have no doubt, though, that it will be everything a boy would wish for his birthday. YAM xx

  2. They will have a memory that lasts a lifetime. Our local grocers used to have some water balloons that looked like grenades. If I see any this week, I'll mail some to you.

  3. Our grocers was out (with the upcoming holiday) but I found some online at Walmart. They will be sent to your house at the Diane's Corner address and should arrive on the 5th. Have a fun birthday - The Johnson family

  4. There is no doubt in my mind that this party will be a blast and you will enjoy every minute of not only the party but everything from planning to the execution of it! Enjoy!